Friday, July 15, 2005

Alas! The Last Poetry Lunchtime! What a sad day for us all! The last poetry lunchtime event took place today in the cool shade of The Long Walk at St James’s Church. But what an end it was. The softly-delivered, intimate poems of Esther Morgan (below, right) and the entertaining Neil Rollinson (below, left), whose foodie themes meant that The Three Kings pub did a roaring lunchtime trade.

Neil’s poem about paté (“the fruit of suffering”) and Esther’s reminiscences about food, which competed for attention with the barking of a dog - and won! - made everyone devour their lunch a little faster. If those vegetarians in the audience (who, strangely, didn’t see to want to commit to their ideals when asked) had a lump of vegetable in their throats, Neil’s shocking ode to the cucumber (“If I don’t get struck down for reading this in front of a church, I never will”) would have dislodged it quicker than you can say “Fuck the Duck” (thanks, Neil… again).

Afterwards, as Clare Pollard, the organiser of the lunchtime events signed copies of books (right) and the forty-plus crowd rushed for their free G&Ts, the office workers and passer bys lingered, enjoying the sun and the afterglow and serenity which poetry, even that involving French teachers who give a new meaning to extra-curricular activity (Neil!), bestows. For just a few moments, there was a sense of peace in our little part of London.


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