Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sundowner: Literary classics... on a DIY tip...

If you thought that turning up to an event and trying to write about it was tough, imagine writing about something you were involved in, but that is the position I find myself in, so forgive me if I use the words 'electric', 'entertaining' and 'kick thyself, you missed a real treat'.

Sundowner took place on a sultry evening in the upstairs room of the Three Kings Pub with an audience of about thirty (including local resident and Clerkenwell Celebrity Martin Hancock- also the judge at our flagship Bloody Mary Competition- see blog of 11 May).

Our host, Richard (above left), who is gathering alter-egos by the minute, including Richie Scurvy, punk poet and The Flyering-King, explained the DIY theme and introduced the audience to the readings... and to the bar downstairs, well-received in the sticky heat!

The readings veered from the sublime (Keisha Watson reading Clarissa Pincola Estes' 'A Crescent Moon Bear', above right), to the fantastical (Lisa Maria Carter reading from 'Myths of the World', left), to the amusing (yours truly reading from Umberto Eco's 'Foucault's Pendulum', right), to the grotesque (yours truly, 'how to skin an ox' from John Seymour's 'Complete Self-Sufficiency Guide', right).

I have to say I worry about an audience that derives such masochistic pleasure from the gory intricacies of skinning an ox and then applauds when told that all this effort results in ox-tail soup, but perhaps that's just me. Still, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves... and remember, if after all that you still want to up sticks and move to the country, then its on your head. You'll have to learn how to weild an axe, bake bread, strangle a chicken and do your own paperwork. I suggest you stay in London and enjoy this week's Clerkenwell.

Do it yourself? No way. Do it in style.


Anonymous Richard said...

A big thanks to Nadia, Keshia and Lisa-Maria for their fantastic readings, and thanks to the audience for putting up with the sweltering heat!

12:58 am  
Anonymous Inkeri said...

Thank you to everyone involved in the sundowner event on Wednesday night.
It was interesting, great fun and a welcome break in the usually ordinary week.

9:01 am  

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